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The market scale of all-electric injection molding machines continues to grow in 2021

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All-electric injection molding machine is a processing injection molding machine whose all power is supplied by electricity. Thermoplastics can be injection molded and processed into various molds. It is a commonly used machine in the synthetic processing of chemical materials. As a representative of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-speed and high-precision injection molding machines, all-electric injection molding machines are more and more valued by users due to their good performance and characteristics compared with traditional hydraulic injection molding machines. The scope continues to expand. The scale of its market continues to grow.

The injection molding machine has the ability to mold plastic products with complex appearance, precise size or dense texture with metal inserts at one time. It is widely used in national defense, electromechanical, automobile, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education and health. All areas of people’s daily lives. With the rapid development of the plastics industry today, injection molding machines occupies an important position in terms of quantity and variety, and their total production accounts for 20%-30% of the entire plastic molding equipment, making it the fastest growing among plastic machinery. One of the most popular models.

The manipulator of an injection molding machine is an automated production equipment that can imitate part of the functions of the upper limbs of the human body and can automatically control it to transport products or operate tools for production operations according to predetermined requirements. Chinese plastic processing plants in the coastal areas of South China and East China are showing increasing interest in manipulators, but the penetration rate of injection molding machine manipulators in the domestic plastic machine industry is less than 10%. The manipulator can ensure the consistency of the operation cycle, improve the quality, and be safer. With the rapid development of the plastics processing industry in my country, the degree of automation of injection molding equipment is getting higher and higher. Modern injection molding machines are often equipped with manipulators to improve production efficiency.

With the rise of energy saving and consumption reduction as a national strategy, energy saving of injection molding machines has also been widely concerned. In the field of conventional injection molding machines, there are two more mature methods for energy saving in motors: inverters and servo motors, among which servo motors are more and more widely accepted.

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At present, China is the largest consumer market for injection molding machines in the Asia-Pacific region, and the market value is expected to reach US$3.71 billion in 2025. China has the world's largest population, coupled with the rapid rise of the automotive and electronics industries, so that it has the largest market share. At present, the world's major injection molding machine manufacturers include Chen Hsong Group, Engel, Arburg, Milacron, Demag injection molding machines, Haitian International, Husky, Terry and so on.

The market value of all-electric injection molding machines in 2017 was US$5.8 billion. The use of electric injection molding machines in multiple applications in the electronics, packaging and health care industries will stimulate its market demand in the next few years. In the same year, all-electric injection molding machines accounted for 34% of the global injection molding machine market. The high adoption of new technologies such as gas-assisted injection molding, structural foam molding, co-injection and diversified components, plus the more dominant production costs compared to existing production technologies, will further encourage market growth. The market value of all-electric injection molding machines will grow the fastest in the next few years, and is expected to record a compound growth rate of 5.7% from 2018 to 2025.

From a regional analysis, the US injection molding machine market value will record a compound growth rate of 1.1% in the next few years. Based on its demand for lightweight and complex auto parts, the United States has become one of the largest consumer markets for injection molding machines. In the next few years, the market value of injection molding machines in Germany will record USD 2.23 billion. The main market drivers include well-developed infrastructure and technology, research and development projects, and high-tech labor.

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