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The relationship between injection molding machine and mold

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I believe that colleagues in plastic mold factories will think of injection molding machines when they talk about plastic molds. So how much do you know about the relationship between plastic injection molds and injection molding machines? Let's take a look today.

Technical specifications of the injection molding machine: type, maximum injection volume, maximum injection pressure, maximum clamping force, maximum molding area, maximum minimum mold thickness, maximum mold opening lead, fixed injection hole size, nozzle spherical radius, injection motor template The position and size of the ejector hole, the mounting screw hole of the machine tool template or the T-slot.

injection molding machines
1. Type: horizontal, vertical, and right-angle.

2. Selection of the maximum injection volume.
The maximum melt weight or volume of the injection machine at one time is the nominal injection volume of the injection machine.
The total amount of plastic parts ten pouring flow=0.8 nominal injection volume
3. The injection area is approved.
The maximum injection area refers to the maximum projected area of ​​the plastic part allowed on the parting surface of the mold. The total pressure of the cavity acting on this area is less than the clamping force allowed by the injection machine, otherwise flash will be produced.
injection mold

 4. The relationship between the lead of the injection machine and the mold.
Hmin ≤ H ≤ Hmax Hmax = Hmin + L
Where H--the closed height of the mold
Hmin--Minimum closing height of injection machine
Hmax--the maximum closing height of the injection machine
L--Adjustable length of screw
S ≥H1+H2+(5~10)--Horizontal vertical injection machine
Among them H1-demolding distance
H2-height of plastic parts (including gate length)
S--Injection Yang allows mold opening stroke

5. Mold installation and ejection form
The maximum size of the mold that can be installed depends on the size of the injection machine template and the distance between the tie rods.

The above is our analysis of the relationship between injection molding machines and molds, hoping to help people in the injection molding industry!

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