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The working principle of PET injection mold

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Any injection mold can be divided into two parts: fixed mold and movable mold. The fixed mold part is installed and fixed on the fixed mold panel of the injection molding machine, and remains still during the injection molding process; the movable mold part is installed and fixed on the movable panel of the injection machine, and can be used with the injection molding machine during the injection molding process. Movement of the clamping system on the top. When starting injection molding, the mold clamping system moves the movable mold part toward the fixed mold, and closes the fixed mold part at the parting surface. The accuracy of the alignment is determined by the mold clamping guide mechanism, that is, by the guide post.

And the guide sleeve fixed on the fixed template to ensure. After the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed, the fixed mold cavity processed in the fixed mold plate and the movable mold fixed on the movable mold plate form a closed mold cavity consistent with the shape and size of the product. The mold cavity is closed during the mold clamping process of the injection molding machine The clamping force provided by the system is locked to prevent it from expanding under the pressure of the plastic melt. The plastic melt injected by the injection molding machine from the nozzle enters the mold cavity through the main runner opened in the sprue sleeve, and then enters the mold cavity through the runner and gate. After the melt fills the mold cavity and undergoes pressure holding, feeding, and After cooling and shaping, the clamping system drives the movable mold to withdraw and reset, so that the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated from the parting surface. When the movable mold is retracted to a certain position, the ejection and ejection mechanism installed in it will move relative to other parts of the movable mold under the ejection action of the ejector rod of the injection molding machine. The aggregates will be ejected from the movable mold and from the runner on the side of the movable mold, and the injection molding process will be completed.

According to the different functions and functions, the structural parts of the injection mold are divided into molding parts, guiding and positioning mechanism, pouring system, lateral parting and core pulling mechanism, demoulding mechanism, temperature control system, exhaust system, injection mold structure Eight parts including parts and accessories. The following is a brief introduction to the role of these components.

It is reported that the national standard for the names and technical terms of injection mold parts has been formulated. The design requires uniform names, and avoids using regional languages ​​or non-written languages. Due to the influence of Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, some companies call the slide block position, the moving and fixed molds are called front and back mold cores, the gates are called nozzles, the guide bushes are called tors, and the wedge blocks It is called shovel chicken, the strengthening rib is called the bone position, the positioning is called the tube position, the matching model is called the province position, and the parting surface extension is called the pillow position.

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