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This is how the injection molding master can quickly replace the injection molding machine mold!

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It takes half an hour to one hour for some injection molding machine factories to switch between two injection molding machine molds, and even two or three hours. Such injection molding factories obviously cannot meet the current "multi-variety, small-batch" production requirements. So how can we keep up with the current rhythm? It is not a dream to switch between the two products after the injection molding machine, the mold and the personnel training, and produce the product in eight minutes.

First, the machine must be modified.
A. Use hydraulic blocks to lock molds on all machines, instead of using the most primitive screwing method.
B. A mold positioning device is added to the moving and fixed template of the machine, which is specially used to place the mold.

Second, transform the injection molding machine mold:
A. All the connectors on the mold use quick connectors, which are easy to plug and connect.
B. Connect all the water pipes on the mold to a general distributor of the movable and fixed molds, so that each of the movable and fixed molds is connected to a thick water pipe and the distributor on the mold.

injection molding machine factory
Third, find the center line of the machine and connect a locator specifically.
This is to locate the driving at this position, avoiding the front and back swing of the driving, just move left and right to find a suitable position.

Fourth, with the help of double beam driving:
If it is a new factory, it is best to buy a double-beam crane, which saves the time of hoisting the unloaded mold.

Fifth, standardize the mold replacement of the injection molding machine.

Sixth, personnel have been trained for a period of time.

After the above points of transformation, the speed of switching between two products in your injection molding machine factory will increase by leaps and bounds, and the fact that the product will be produced in eight minutes will be put before you.

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