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Vertical injection molding machine process introduction

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The vertical injection molding machine heats and melts the granular or powdered raw materials and then pressurizes and injects them into the designated mold for cooling and molding. This series of process flow is the process flow of the vertical injection molding machine. What are the steps of the vertical injection molding machine process?

1.Mold clamping process of vertical injection molding machine
The hydraulic oil in the clamping hydraulic cylinder of the vertical injection molding machine promotes the clamping organization posture, and the movable template communicates to close the abrasive tools. For example, the abrasive tools of a vertical injection molding machine are first closed and closed at bottom pressure and high speed; when the movable template is about to be close to the fixed template, it is converted to medium speed and bottom pressure closing (that is, the abrasive tool maintenance load); When there is no internal organs, it is converted to high pressure (clamping force), and the abrasive tool is clamped.

2.Vertical injection molding machine injection equipment
After the abrasive tool is clamped by the clamping force in the injection process, the injection equipment loads the nozzle and the abrasive tool to seal the edges. After the injection relay is connected to the power supply, the injection hydraulic cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil, which promotes the screw rod connected with the hydraulic cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder, and introduces the melt in the barrel into the clamped mold core according to the level of water pressure and rate Inside.

3.Pressure holding process of vertical injection molding machine
In the process of filling the mold core until the melt is filled, the screw rod is required to maintain the necessary water pressure on the melt to prevent the melt in the grinding tool from flowing back; at the same time, the pressure holding water pressure is released to facilitate vertical injection molding The core of the machine is supplemented with the raw materials needed for the refrigeration of the crafts to prevent the plastic products from causing shrinkage and other defects.

4.Refrigeration and pre-plasticizing process of vertical injection molding machine
If the gate is sealed, the pressure holding process is cancelled, and the crafts are ecologically refrigerated and shaped in the mold; together, the controller pre-plasticized oil motor rotates the screw rod to transport the granular plastic from the silo forward to develop plastic products. After the raw material plastic products of the vertical injection molding machine exceed the pre-determined value, in order to prevent the melted plastic from overflowing the nozzle, the screw rod must be connected backwards and must be spaced, that is, the anti-extrusion solution must be implemented.

5.Vertical injection molding machine injection equipment withdrawal, ejection and plastic product injection process
After the vertical injection molding machine's pre-plasticizing and anti-extending process is completed, in order to prevent the nozzle from producing cold material due to long-term contact with the cold mold, it is generally necessary to withdraw the nozzle from the abrasive tool, that is, enter the injection equipment to withdraw the load. Whether the posture is implemented or not, and the sequential system of implementation, are optional. If the crafts are cooled and shaped, they will be out of the mold and the crafts will be shot.

The ejection action of the vertical injection molding machine is started by the mold opening stop limit switch (or electronic ruler). The operator can achieve this by adjusting the ejection travel switch (or the scale distance of the electronic ruler) as required. The ejection speed and pressure can also be achieved by the digital setting in the computer. The back and forth distance of the thimble movement is controlled by the stroke switch (or the setting position of the electronic ruler, and the injection and mold closing system is controlled to stabilize the machine."

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