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What are the advantages of a small injection molding machine

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The small precision injection molding machine launched by Lisong has many of the above advantages and is an ideal choice among the brands of injection molding machines for mobile phone cases. The following introduces some of the advantages of small injection molding machines:

1. The small injection molding machine has high raw material utilization rate, less waste and low energy consumption.
2. The small injection molding machine is easy to use, highly automated, and can continuously inject multiple splines after one filling of raw materials.
3. The small injection molding machine adopts a mold clamping system, which is easy to operate and has a strong mold clamping force.
4. The special mold and equipment interface design of the small injection molding machine makes mold replacement and installation convenient and reliable.
5. The small injection molding machine is small in size and light in weight, and can be placed on the experimental bench to work.

injection machine
The mobile phone is now an indispensable tool for human hands, and the mobile phone case not only protects the mobile phone, but also beautifies the mobile phone, and it is especially personalized. It is your wise choice to buy a mobile phone sleeve injection molding machine at this time. The brand of injection molding machine is good, and the small precision injection molding machine of Lisong has complete models and reasonable prices. Welcome to call us.

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