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What are the advantages of electric injection molding machines?

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Although hydraulic pressure is still the main type of injection molding machine, the development trend of electric injection molding machine is also hot. The emergence of electric injection molding machine has brought cost-effective solutions for plastic product manufacturers.

What are the advantages of electric injection molding machines?
Electric injection molding machines can reduce costs and increase speed and efficiency in many ways, all of which benefit our manufacturing partners.

1. Lower cost
When replacing hydraulic machines with equivalent motors, the difference in unit cost is obvious. Through strict, repeatable operation control, products can be produced with fewer materials and fewer additives, thereby greatly reducing waste. The independent function in the motor means that multiple tasks can run simultaneously, which greatly shortens the cycle. In addition, the motor does not have consumables that must be replaced regularly, such as oil and filters. As the power requirements of the motor are greatly reduced, operating costs are also greatly reduced.

electric injection molding machines
Although the price of a motor is higher than the price of an equivalent hydraulic press, the substantial savings in parts and operating costs are sufficient to justify the initial investment.

2. Clean and efficient operation
With an all-electric molding machine, there will be no chance of fluid leakage or atomization, which means less chance of material and surface contamination. This provides the additional advantage of reducing the housekeeping costs and downtime normally associated with hydraulics.

3. Precision and repeatability
Utilizing the advantages of digital control, the electric mold processing process is completely repeatable, and accurate specifications can be maintained without fine-tuning. This means that once the work is done, the process can run almost without supervision. Mechanical functions replace the variables introduced by hydraulic valves and hoses; this not only eliminates the need for regular calibration, but also reduces maintenance time.

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