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What are the advantages of using manipulator in the injection molding industry?

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The injection molding industry is increasingly using manipulator, because the injection molding industry uses manipulator instead of manually to remove products from the mold and embed the products in the mold, which can reduce heavy manual labor, improve working conditions, and safe production; improve the performance of injection molding machines Production efficiency, stable product quality, reduce scrap rate, reduce production costs and enhance corporate competitiveness, so it is widely used in automobiles and parts, industrial electrical appliances, electronic communications, food and beverages, medical, toys, cosmetic packaging, photoelectric manufacturing, Household appliances, etc.,

What are the advantages of using manipulator in the injection molding industry?
1. The safety of using the manipulator is high: use the human hand to enter the mold to take the product. If the machine malfunctions or the wrong button causes the mold clamping to close, there is a danger of pinching workers' hands. Please use a robot to ensure safety.
 2. Use a manipulator to save labor: the manipulator takes out the product and places it on the conveyor belt or receiving platform. Only one person needs to watch two or more TV sets at the same time, which can save labor. The automatic assembly line can save the factory land, so the whole factory planning becomes smaller and more compact.

 3. Use robotic hands to improve efficiency and quality: If people encounter four problems when taking out the product, they may scratch the product with their hands and stain the product due to dirty hands. Employee fatigue affects the cycle and reduces production efficiency. Extend the service life of the machine. People need to open and close the safety door frequently to take out the product, which will shorten the life of some parts of the machine tool and even damage the machine tool, thereby affecting production. There is no need to open and close the safety door frequently when using a manipulator.

 4. Use the robot to reduce the defective rate of the product: the newly formed product has not yet been cooled, and there is a residual temperature. Manual extraction will result in fingerprints and uneven manual extraction force. There are variations in uneven product extraction. The manipulator uses a patternless suction tool to evenly fix the tool, thereby greatly improving the product quality.

5. Use a manipulator to prevent damage to processed products: Sometimes people forget to take out the product. If the mold is closed, the mold will be damaged. If the robot does not take out the product, it will automatically alarm and stop, and will never damage the mold. 6. Use manipulators to save raw materials and reduce costs: the unfixed time of personnel taking out will cause product shrinkage and deformation. Since the take-out time of the manipulator is fixed, the quality is stable.

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