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What are the common failures of injection molding robots?

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The injection manipulator is the right assistant for the highly automated injection molding machine. Let’s follow the lisong mechanical engineer to learn about the common faults of the injection manipulator?

1. Failed to absorb:

1) The position of the suction cup is not aligned.

2) The ejection position and the suction time are not matched.

3) The mold opening distance of the injection molding machine is unstable (the product ejection stroke and mold opening stroke are not enough).

4). The suction cup is damaged and leaks air.

5) The tube is broken, and the tube is not plugged in and leaks.

6) The vacuum generator is damaged.

7). There is no signal in the suction, and the suction signal line is open.

8) The moving speed of the manipulator is too fast, and the product vibrates and leaks.

9) The moving speed of the manipulator is too fast, and the product cannot be absorbed by the force of gravity.

10) When the robot arm is down, a foreign object hits the robot arm.

11). The itinerary is not over, take away the product in advance.

12) Insufficient air pressure.

High-speed Injection Machine

2. Failed to hold (clamp) to fetch:

1). The report position is not correct.

2). Report that there is no signal, and report that the signal line is open.

3. The main (deputy) is not in place:

1) The running speed is too fast (slow), and the signal switch is not touched within the set time.

2) The upstream contact signal switch is damaged.

4. Failed to flatten (straight):

1) The pipe is leaking, and the action time exceeds the set time.

2) The displacement of the contact switch requires the series switch to contact the switch.

3). The cylinder is damaged and the fixed shaft of the cylinder is loose.

4). Turn over (straight) signal wire to open circuit.

5. The mold opening signal disappears:

1) The stroke of the injection molding machine has not reached the set position.

2) In the manual state, the manipulator is not short-circuited.

3) In the automatic state, the manipulator is not given a mold opening signal.

6 Cycle time timeout:

1) A certain contact signal fails, and it cannot run to the next action.

2) The robot running time is too long, and the robot running program exceeds the product cycle time.

7. Communication failure:

1) There is no match between the manipulator, the handle line and the handle.

2) The handle or the handle wire is damaged.

3) There is a problem with the host circuit of the manipulator.

8. Horizontal entry (exit) failure:

1) The horizontal entry (exit) exceeds the set time.

9. The origin (0 o'clock) failed

1). The gas valve is not opened, or the air pressure is insufficient.

2) The horizontal origin signal switch fails, the main arm origin signal switch, and the secondary arm origin signal switch fail.

10. Servo failure

1) The opening and closing mold of the injection molding machine vibrates too much, and the manipulator runs too much vibration.

2) The host circuit is faulty.

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