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What are the factors affecting the quotation of injection molds

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The injection mold industry is not well known to people, especially those who are not engaged in this industry. This is not easy to understand and very professional. But you should know that it is widely used in many products and many industries. Almost all plastic products or parts should be made by molding, but different treatments are carried out according to different designs.

What are the factors affecting the quotation of injection molds?
1. Cavity: This is the most basic element of mold quotation. If the part is not very large, usually the manufacturer will ask you how many cavities you want to provide for the mold? If you need 2 cavities, it means you can get 2 from the mold at a time. The more cavities, the larger the mold should be, and of course the more expensive the mold cost; but on the contrary, the greater the number of mold cavities, the more parts can be obtained in one injection (= one time), which means higher production speed. Parts production costs are lower. Oh, I'm too complicated, I'm stupid, what should I do? Don't worry, I can tell you a simple solution: You can tell the manufacturer how many products are needed each year and in the future. The manufacturer can then calculate the best number of cavities, thereby saving you costs and providing you with a quotation.

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2. Mould material
Mold materials are also a big price driver. If you do not inform the manufacturer of the background information, the price of the mold may be between 2,000-10,000 US dollars. Of course, we know that the mold material is usually steel or aluminum. But there are many different types of steel. The most commonly used ones are: 45#, 50#, P20,718, 718H, S136, NAK80, etc. Therefore, when you need a quotation, you need to understand the mold material. If you are not sure, please tell you another secret: also tell them how many products you need each year and in the future. In this way, the manufacturer can know how long the mold life should be and find the most economical way for you.

3. Part material
Part material refers to the raw material of the part or product = what raw material should the part be made of? Maybe you said plastic. Yes, of course, plastic injection molding machines only work on plastics, but maybe you don’t know that there are too many different types of plastics. The most commonly used are PP, PS, PC, acrylic/PMMA PVC, PU, ​​PET, HDPE, LDPE (to name just a few). I do not know. Tell you the third secret: You only need to tell the manufacturer the purpose of the part (=application) and the required color, and then the manufacturer can recommend the material for you.

With the above elements, you can at least get the estimated mold and unit cost from the manufacturer.

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