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What can mini injection molding machine make?

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The injection molding machine is the most widely used machine in the plastics processing industry. It can not only directly produce a large number of products through the injection molding machine, but also constitute the key equipment for the injection and blow molding process. The sales of the mini horizontal injection molding machine follow the market product Diversification is gradually showing an upward trend.

The following introduces a mini horizontal injection molding machine:
1. The injection device and the clamping device are set on the same vertical centerline, and the mold is opened and closed in the up and down direction. The floor area of ​​the horizontal machine is only about half of that of the horizontal machine, which takes up a small area.
2. Insert molding is easy to achieve. Since the mold surface is upward, the insert is easy to position. When the lower template is fixed, the upper template is movable, and the belt conveyor device is combined with the mechanical arm, fully automatic insert molding can be easily realized.
3. The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal template, as an up and down opening and closing action, it will not cause the mold to be unable to open and close due to the gravity of the mold. Conducive to durability to maintain the accuracy of the machine and mold.
horizontal injection molding machines
LISONG provides all kinds of horizontal injection molding machines, the main uses: electronic parts, electrical parts, computer parts, power plugs, medical supplies, stationery, sporting goods, golf, glasses, hardware and plastic products, metal powder injection parts, BMC injection Parts, automobile (motorcycle) parts, zippers, wires, multi-color soles and other injection molded products that need to be embedded. The above mini horizontal injection molding machine has a small footprint and stable production. It is a good choice for you.

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