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What failures often happen to vertical injection molding machines?

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What failures often happen to vertical injection molding machines?
1. No mold clamping
2. Mold opening and closing machine twisting
3. Wait a few seconds before mold opening
4. Crawl when mold opening and clamping
5. The mold cannot be opened.
6. During automatic production, the mold adjustment will become tighter or looser.
7. When other actions are working after the mold is locked, the mold will be opened slowly and automatically.
8. Only mold opening action when clamping
9. Poor clamping
10. Mold clamping can't afford high pressure and exceed the stroke
11. Manual termination with mold opening, semi-automatic termination without mold opening
12. No thimble action
13. The thimble is out of control when semi-automatic
14. Semi-automatic has 2 clamping actions

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How to deal with the loud sound when the vertical injection molding machine opens the mold:
1): Poor proportional linearity, poor adjustment of pressure and flow at the time of mold opening and closing, check the ramp up and ramp down in the parameters, and adjust the ramp up and ramp down in the parameters.
2): The lubrication of the hinge of the clamping machine is poor. Check the lubrication of the elbow column, the second plate and the hinge of the machine. Increase the lubrication and increase the number of oiling.
3): Mold clamping force is too large, check the clamping force when the mold is stressed, and reduce the clamping force according to the user's product condition. Check whether the time position is appropriate.
4): The deviation of the parallelism of the first two boards, check the parallelism of the two boards. Adjust the parallel error of the second board and the head board.
5): The setting position of slow turning and fast mold opening is too small and the speed is too fast. Check whether the position of slow mold opening to fast mold opening is appropriate, and whether the slow mold opening speed is too fast. Lengthen the slow mold opening position and reduce the slow mold opening speed.

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