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What injection molding machine to choose for plastic paint buckets?

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At present, plastic paint bucket manufacturers choose to use suitable injection molding machines to improve the drawbacks of paint bucket production, and find breakthroughs in the process, efficiency and quality of the drawbacks.

Background technology of plastic paint bucket injection production:
The main methods of plastic molding on the market include extruders, injection molding machines, blow molding machines, etc. Because of the wide adaptability of shapes, injection molding machines can produce products of different sizes, shapes, and quality, and meet various requirements for engineering parts, All kinds of daily necessities, medical equipment, packaging products, etc., are the main processes of thermoplastic molding. At present, in the injection molding production process of plastic paint buckets, the injection molds used are usually movable molds and fixed modules. The surface spraying process is used to coat the cover film on the paint bucket products after one injection molding to increase the function However, this kind of production technology is complicated, the production efficiency is low, and the quality is not easy to control.

plastic paint bucket
How to choose an injection molding machine to produce plastic paint buckets?
According to product characteristics, LISONG injection molding machine is tailor-made and developed a special machine for plastic paint buckets to enhance the comprehensive strength of partners, effectively improve the production efficiency of their enterprises, effectively solve the pain points of the enterprise, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Is a good choice for customers!

Features and structure of LISONG plastic paint bucket injection molding machine:
Many-the same amount of raw materials for the same mold is produced 1/3 more than its counterparts;
Fast-fast storage and short cycle;
Good-good plasticizing effect, less flash of products, and higher qualification rate;
Saving-less investment, greater return, lower energy consumption using electric pre-plastic, and lower electricity bills.
plastic paint bucket injection molding machine
How should plastic paint bucket companies choose injection molding machines? Many injection molding machines on the market may be able to produce paint buckets. The LISONG high-speed machine can improve the quality of paint bucket production in all aspects and is one of the suitable models for this product. For more questions about plastic paint bucket injection molding machine selection, please leave a message online!

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