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What is a bakelite injection molding machine?

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Bakelite is bakelite powder, chemical name: phenolic resin, bakelite injection molding machine is injection molding equipment using phenolic resin as raw material. The screw and barrel of Bakelite injection molding machine can only be made of Bakelite. If you need to make other materials, you need to replace a complete set of screw and barrel.

What are the advantages of Bakelite injection molding machine?
Bakelite injection molding machine products are mainly electrical insulation materials. Because of the superior insulation performance of bakelite materials, the return material of bakelite materials cannot be reprocessed and used, so the nozzle is as small as possible when developing the mold, saving materials and reducing costs.

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What is the difference between Bakelite injection molding machine and ordinary injection molding machine?
1. The screw barrel of the Bakelite injection molding machine is special. The barrel does not need to be heated for full heating. Generally, it is heated by an oil temperature machine (controlling the barrel temperature is more accurate). The barrel has an isolation layer for heating oil circulation, and the general temperature is controlled at Between 70 and 110, the temperature is too high will cause the bakelite powder to solidify.
2. The action of the Bakelite injection molding machine is equipped with an exhaust function, mold clamping-injection of glue-mold opening and exhaust (open 1~5MM)--tight mold clamping- ---In the material return------cooling-------opening the mold-----the thimble circulates in this way.
3. Bakelite injection molding machine molds need to be heated. Bakelite powder is a thermosetting plastic. Generally, the movable mold is 10 to 25 degrees lower than the fixed mold. The movable mold is set between 180 and 210, and some may have a higher temperature.
4. Bakelite injection molding machines need to increase product quality management, and the recycling value of bakelite products is negative, which means that your unqualified products are recycled and you have to pay for garbage disposal.

Note: Be careful not to heat your screw with a heating ring. If the temperature is high accidentally, it will be troublesome after curing, and the whole set will be replaced if it is not possible.

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