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What is a high-speed injection molding machine?

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In the plastic production line, you need a good high-speed injection molding machine to reduce the processing cycle and bring you more profits. What is a high-speed injection molding machine? How to achieve high speed?

LISONG high-speed injection molding machine has the following 2 points:
1. High-speed clamping system, fast cycle:
As we all know, a larger tonnage machine will have a longer cycle time. The problem is that a larger tonnage injection molding machine will have a longer clamping time.

Speed Injection Molding Machine
2. High speed injection, high precision:
Compared with ordinary injection machines, the biggest advantage of high-speed injection machines is this part. We know that if we encounter a thin-walled cup project, if we produce this kind of mold on ordinary machines, the parts are difficult to form, we may High injection pressure will be applied, which will also affect mold life. However, there are specially designed valves inside the high-speed injection machine, with a servo hydraulic motor, which has a good fuel injection control function.

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