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What is a PET Preform Injection Molding Machine?

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PET preform injection molding machine is an equipment specialized in producing preforms.PET preform injection molding machine is suitable for forming preforms of mineral water, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, edible oil, medicine cans and lotions, cosmetic packaging containers and other product preforms.

What is the workflow of PET preform injection molding machine?
The preform is filled into the gun mold of the mold by the injection molding machine at a specific temperature and pressure. After injection molding, it is a semi-finished product as an intermediate, and then processed into a final product by blow molding. The injection molding machine uses the thermoplastic or thermosetting material to make various shapes of plastic products using plastic molding molds.
PET preform injection molding machine workflow
What are the characteristics of the PET preform injection molding machine?

First, the clamping part:
1. The integrated structure of the mold clamping, the hinge lugs and the splint continuous casting are integrated, which improves the rigidity of the clamping mechanism.
2. Strengthen the clamping design, reduce the deformation of the clamping mechanism and the abrasion of the machine hinge, can withstand high-speed, high-pressure, and low-cycle production. The clamping mechanism has small deformation when withstanding high mold expansion forces, ensuring the parallelism of the template, so that the mold can be obtained The protection and qualified product rate can be guaranteed.
3. Japanese heat treatment technology high-strength clamping steel sleeve, which is 8 times more wear-resistant than ordinary steel sleeve, can ensure low deformation and wear when it is subjected to high-frequency mold movement and large clamping force, and fully guarantee lock The accuracy of the mold part.
4. The movable template is guided by self-lubricating bearings, which greatly reduces the scratches of the corinth column, avoids the damage of the corinth column, and increases the speed of the template;
5. The structure of the three major plates and main mechanical parts is more reasonable after finite element stress analysis.

Second, shooting stage part
1. Diagonal configuration of the dual shooting and shifting cylinders, balanced force on the shooting platform, improving the accuracy of the nozzle centering, reducing the probability of glue leakage, and reducing the damage rate of the nozzle heating ring and control system; the shooting and shifting cylinder adopts double cylinders diagonally The layout is more reasonable and the force is more reasonable, which reduces the probability of leakage, avoids damage to the heating ring and computer board, reduces the maintenance and shutdown rate of the injection molding machine, and improves the production efficiency of the injection molding machine.
2. Multi-point support for the shooting table guide rod to reduce the deformation of the shooting table guide rod and reduce the oil leakage of the injection cylinder and the probability of scratching and breaking of the injection piston rod;
3. The 24:1 PET special screw is adopted. The screw groove, compression ratio, and three-stage ratio are all specially designed to ensure effective plasticization and avoid over-decomposition of the rubber.
4. Three small pieces of SKD61 screw, imported from Japan, are used to improve wear resistance, prevent iron filings from abrasion from damaging the hot runner in the mold, and avoid defects such as black spots on the product.
5. Screw speed detection, the operator can accurately adjust the screw speed to achieve the best plasticizing effect.
PET Injection Molding Machine
 Third, hydraulic control part
 1. Equipped with Yuken high-performance vane pump, and adopts proportional pressure and proportional flow control system, which greatly improves the control accuracy and stability.
2. The hydraulic parts of Japan Yuken and German B. Rexroth are equipped as standard, so that the injection molding machine has higher control accuracy and lower failure rate; 3. Imported hydraulic seals ensure that the probability of oil leakage is greatly reduced;

 Fourth, electrical control part
1. The injection molding machine is equipped with the original imported injection molding machine special control system as standard, and the large-screen TFT color LCD display makes the text display clearer.
2, four-stage* mold setting, four-stage setting of injection and pressure holding, there is sufficient space for process adjustment, and the process curve display function of set parameters (pressure, flow) is very beneficial to process adjustment.
3. The page operation has password protection, and the optional induction card key can avoid the problem of unauthorized modification of process parameters, which is very beneficial to the reduction of *production and rejection rate. In addition, this machine has 120 sets of mold parameter storage function.
4. Double CPU control system, the CPU is a 16-bit microprocessor, the system response time is <1ms, the control system has a fast response speed and high precision.
5. Adopt * electrical components, control *, low failure rate.

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