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What is a precision injection molding machine?

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Precision injection molding machine refers to molding machinery and equipment suitable for molding and producing precision plastic products.

How to measure or judge a precision injection molding machine and what is the defined standard?
Usually precision injection molding machines have two indicators: one is the repeated deviation of product size, and the other is the repeated deviation of product weight. The former is difficult to compare due to size and thickness. The latter represents the comprehensive level of injection molding machines. Generally, the weight repetition error of the injection molding machine is about 1%, and the better machine can reach 0.8%. Precision machinery below 0.5% and ultra-precision machinery below 0.3%.

Precision injection molding machine
Precision injection molding machines require product dimensional accuracy within 0.01~0.001mm. Many precision injection molding machines also require high injection pressure and fast injection speed; the clamping system requires sufficient rigidity and clamping accuracy. The so-called clamping accuracy refers to the uniformity, adjustability, stability and repeatability of the clamping force, as well as the high accuracy of the mold opening and closing position; it is required to control the pressure, flow, temperature and measurement to the corresponding accuracy, and use more Grade injection to ensure the reproducibility of the molding process and the repeatability of the product.

What are the technical points of precision injection molding machines?
Clamping force: In the process of precision injection molding, high injection pressure is generally required, otherwise it is difficult to mold.
1. Measuring accuracy: In order to maintain high stability of plastic products, the hot melt plastic injected into the cavity must be equal each time.
2. Injection speed: Injection speed is an important indicator of precision injection molding machine.
3. Injection pressure: Precision injection requires a larger injection pressure to improve the compactness of the plastic parts, reduce shrinkage and deformation, and ensure the accuracy of the parts.
4. Holding pressure: Holding pressure has a great influence on precision plastic parts.
5. Mold temperature: The temperature change of the mold cavity surface should be controlled within ±1℃.
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