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What is a vertical injection molding machine and how to buy it?

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Injection molding machines are mainly divided into two categories: vertical injection molding machines and horizontal injection molding machines. Today, the focus of Jin Plastic Machinery’s sharing is the vertical injection molding machine. We will share the horizontal injection molding machine next time. Today, let me talk about what is a vertical injection molding machine, and why is it called a "vertical" injection molding machine?

The reason why the vertical injection molding machine is called the vertical injection molding machine is the most direct and intuitive reason is that the appearance of the vertical injection molding machine is that it occupies a small area and has a large height. There are many reasons for the design of "vertical", such as:
1. Super first-tier cities like Shenzhen have high housing prices, so the need for equipment with a small footprint is more advantageous. 2. It is very difficult to achieve normal injection of liquid raw materials using horizontal injection molding.

horizontal injection molding machines
How to choose to buy a vertical injection molding machine?
When purchasing a vertical injection molding machine, users should first clarify the performance, material, volume, grams, annual output and other factors of the products they produce (such as manufacturers using silicone materials and those using engineering materials, should After choosing different purchase ideas), you can also choose the specifications and models of the injection molding machine according to the following important technical parameters and the specific conditions of the important parts of the injection molding machine.

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