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What is rapid prototyping and when to create it

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In almost every manufacturing field, rapid prototyping can help ensure product success. Creating mold prototypes is an easy, cost-effective way to quickly create iterations of plastic parts. If you plan to mass produce products, then rapid plastic mold prototyping is an essential step in the process.

What is rapid tooling prototyping?
Rapid tooling prototyping is the process of creating scale models of physical products in many different ways. Methods used to create mold prototypes include 3D printing, CNC machining, and plastic injection molding. You can learn more about the rapid plastic mold prototyping process in the in-depth blog here.

When should I create a mold prototype?
In many cases in all forms of manufacturing, mold prototypes are useful. For example, suppose you want to create a part that needs precise dimensions or fits the dimensions you need in the casing. With rapid mold prototyping, you can create test parts to ensure that the parts are completely correct before production. Imagine making thousands of parts, and then realize that they are slightly different from what you need. This is exactly what rapid prototyping helps prevent.

High-Quality Preform Mold
Every molding design is unique, and every designer needs to do something correctly. It’s always a risk worth mitigating to spend a few hundred dollars on a mold prototype, and then spend thousands of dollars to make adjustments later.

Manufacturers manufacture high-precision aluminum rubber and plastic auto parts through casting and machining, and create mold prototypes in a variety of ways, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, there are four main production methods.

1.3d printing: often used due to its moderate price and versatility.
3. CNC processing: very suitable for large-scale products or situations that require specific surface treatment.
2. Injection molding: suitable for situations where many mold prototypes are required.
4. Casting: A method to quickly and effectively create mold prototypes is an intermediate step between printing and molding.

Li Song Machinery has decades of experience and can help customers create prototypes of parts and molds needed to complete the work. From questions to free quotations, Li Song is here to meet all your plastic needs.

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