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What is the development prospect of servo injection molding machine?

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In 2019, the growth scale of the entire injection molding machine market reached about 13% year-on-year, and people are demanding higher precision for injection molding machines. At present, servo injection molding machines are also a major development trend.

1. What are the advantages of the servo injection molding machine?
The advantages of the servo injection molding machine are very obvious. Compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, this new type of energy-saving injection molding machine has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, low noise, etc., plus the metering is very accurate and avoids The oil leakage of conventional equipment is eliminated, hydraulic valves are abandoned, and servo motors are adopted. This new type of motor and driver synchronizes to drive the control machine to operate, which will greatly reduce the oil consumption of conventional hydraulic machines.

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2. What is the development prospect of servo injection molding machine?
Now that the industry has entered the 4.0 era, injection molding machines are developing in the direction of intelligence, which can meet people’s contemporary needs. Some factories are equipped with special control systems and have networking functions to share data. It can also share parameters. Of course, the management system of the workshop can also be operated. Through real-time monitoring, it can move towards the era of Industry 4.0, move towards intelligent manufacturing, and create products that meet the needs of many customers. The whole operation is even more obvious. Humanized, but also more intelligent.

In summary, if injection molding machine manufacturers want to occupy more shares in the market, they need to continue to innovate, not only in terms of technology, but also need to improve, of course, they also need to meet the needs of customers and seize the needs of the market. Only by developing efficient new products can we go further. LISONG machine has been adhering to the concept of technological innovation to provide customers with high-quality, energy-saving injection molding machines. Welcome to buy!email:kevin@lisonginc.com


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