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What is the difference between a servo energy-saving injection molding machine and an ordinary?

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What is the difference between a servo energy-saving injection molding machine and an ordinary injection molding machine?
The traditional ordinary injection molding machine is a hydraulic motor driven by an electric motor. Once turned on, the motor and the motor are always in full power and full load operation. So what is the motor power of the parameter on the ordinary injection molding machine, then its actual power consumption is how much.

energy-saving injection molding machine
The system pressure and flow rate of the servo injection molding machine are double closed loops. The hydraulic system supplies oil according to the actual required flow and pressure, which overcomes the high energy consumption caused by the high-pressure overflow of the ordinary quantitative pump system. During the working phase, the motor works according to the set speed. During the low-flow working phases such as pressure holding and cooling, the speed of the motor is reduced, and the actual energy consumption of the oil pump motor is reduced by 35%-75%.

The LISONG servo energy-saving injection molding machine integrates LISONG's mature injection molding machine production experience and then configures the SETTIMA screw pump system to achieve the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high repeatability, reliability and durability. Let customers get the greatest profit at the lowest cost and enhance competitiveness.

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