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what is the process used in injection molding of injection machine?

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Nearly every plastic item — milk caps, car dashboards, combs, phones — is created with plastic injection molding machine. In many different ways, plastic has replaced most other materials. But di you what is the process used in injection molding?

injection molding process
When thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials are produced, this process is referred to as the plastic injection molding process. In order to create these products, material must be heated, mixed, and placed inside of a mold. When the mold cools, the material is extruded resulting in specific objects.
The injection molding machine revolutionized the way that objects were made. Items such as buttons, hair combs, and collar stays could be produced in this way. When the 1940s rolled around, the process became an essential part of the manufacturing business. Consumers demanded inexpensive products, which also had to be inexpensive to produce. Plastic was relatively cheap, so it grew in popularity.
injection molding machine process
The injection molding process makes it possible for manufacturers to create thousands of products at once. In addition, labor costs are relatively low within the plastic industry, and parts can be refined following the injection process. The main drawback to injection molding equipment is that it is often expensive to maintain and purchase. Still, plastic proves to be one of the most widely produced materials in the world.


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