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What is the process used in injection molding?

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Injection molding involves first having an injection molding machine. Second you must choose what shape you want to create, and have it drawn by a mechanical engineer. Then you must have the dies made at a machine shop to your specifications.  you must select the type of plastic you want to make it out of, and set up your injection molder accordingly, and set it to run.

1.Injection time:
Injection time means the time from when injection molding process begins to the time when melt plastic filling the cavity.

In injection molding manufacturing, small plastic products only take about 3~5 seconds and large ones take about tens of seconds. The injection time has an inverse relationship with injection speed in injection molding process. Shorter injection time means faster injection speed.

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2. Holding time:
Holding time refers to the time for continuing pressure on the plastic product ranging from 20 to 25 seconds or even 5~10 munities. If the holding time is too short in injection molding, plastic product will not be tight enough and cause dent and unstable size. But if the holding time is too long, the stress of product will be increased. It also will be more difficult to demoulded.

3. Cooling time in mould:
Cooling time means the time from the finish of holding pressure to the time when mould is opened in injection molding process. Cooling time depends on the thickness of the product, thermal property of plastic and crystallization characteristics of plastic as well as mould temperature. The criterion of setting cooling time is to make sure it will not lead to distortion of products.

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