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What is the reason for the high price of injection molds?

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Many people in charge of injection molding plastics processing companies complain that there is too little money to make money. On the one hand, it comes from the high cost of machinery and molds. So why is the cost of molds so high? The following will analyze the reasons for you.

What is the reason for the higher price of injection mold?
1. What is injection molding
Injection molding is a method of making plastic products. The molten plastic is injected into a plastic mold by pressure, and then cooled and molded to obtain various plastic parts. Professional injection molding machines, such as injection molding machines, are used for subsequent production.

plastic mold for inejction mahine
2. It is difficult to manufacture injection molds
The design requirements of the injection mold are very high, and the main purpose is to design the mold runner accurately. If the design work is not done well and in place, it is very difficult to modify the mold in the case of unsuccessful follow-up test and proofing. Re-manufacture molds.

3. The number of mold manufacturing sets should be determined according to the sample
Sometimes it seems that a plastic part with a very simple structure needs two sets of injection molds or even three sets of injection molds to be processed. In the end, it was calculated that the price of injection molds was even tens of thousands of yuan, and it is this high contrast that has a great psychological impact on customers.

4. There are many injection mold manufacturing processes, and the cost of purchasing standard parts is high

5. It takes a long time to manufacture injection molds. Plastic molds.

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