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What you need to know about the safety knowledge of high-speed injection molding machines

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There are two main parts of the safety knowledge of high-speed injection molding machine that you need to pay attention to:

Safety requirements for mold clamping part of high-speed injection molding machine:
1. It must be ensured that the safety door cannot open automatically when it is closed. When the safety door is opened in advance, the mold closing action should be terminated.
2. The safety door can prevent any person or object from entering the dangerous area, protect people from splashing molten plastic, and cannot be damaged or disassembled.
3. When any part of the machine body wants to enter the working area of ​​the machine to handle abnormalities, the motor must be turned off, and the main power supply must be turned off if necessary.
4. When filling the big column and bending arm with lubricating oil, when the machine is working normally, it must be stopped and do so.
5. The safety rod and the safety block are flexible and effective, and the effective distance between the safety rod and the safety block is 5~10CM.
6. It is strictly forbidden to tie up the electric limit switches of the front and rear safety doors with ropes.
7. When removing forest pillars, bending arms and other large-scale maintenance, use V-belt hoisting instead of ropes and other ropes to prevent damage to high-speed injection molding machines and maintenance personnel.
8. The sliding plate of the mobile template should be balanced and should not be adjusted arbitrarily. If adjustments are required, they should be made by the machine manufacturer.
9. It is strictly forbidden to connect the electrical limit opening of the front and rear safety doors to the rope.

Safety requirements for injection and hydraulic devices:
1. The back plate of the mold bracket should be equipped with a rubber protection device to ensure that the injection port will not hurt people around.
2. The glass window of the safety door must not be damaged to prevent the melt from splashing out of the mold cavity.
3. The hydraulic system needs to be equipped with a filter device.
4. The inner wall of the tank must be protected to prevent external pollution. When the temperature of the working medium reaches 80°C, the protective layer should be effective.
5. The oil temperature of the high-speed injection molding machine is not allowed to exceed the allowable value, up to 75°C, otherwise the cooler must be checked, and there may be unimpeded and eliminated.
6. Check the quality and quantity of hydraulic oil every six months, check whether the oil quality is qualified and whether the oil quantity is sufficient.
7. Each pressure gauge and ammeter must be intact.
8. Oil pipe joints must not leak oil, and cylinder screws must not be loosened.
9. The hydraulic safety system is mainly composed of the system safety valve, except for the protection door and hydraulic protection safety valve. The manufacturer has set the maximum allowable value and closed it. If the pressure value exceeds the set value, the system safety valve will open, and it is strictly forbidden to adjust it privately. .
10. The safety valve limits the pressure of the hydraulic system, protects the operator, prevents the connection part of the rubber tube and the steel pipe from being damaged due to excessive pressure, and at the same time protects the high-speed injection molding machine hydraulic system from the error caused by the damage. The safety valve protects the oil pump in the hydraulic drive unit, and the safety valve of the system is not allowed to be adjusted under any circumstances.

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