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Where is the future demand growth point for injection molding machines?

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The injection molding industry has a wide industry chain, and all manufacturing industries downstream of injection molding machines include automobiles, home appliances, electronics, food and beverage packaging, etc. Generally, the service life of injection molding machines is 5-10 years. Frequent use and the continuous emergence of downstream products have increased the accuracy requirements of injection molding machines and shortened the service life of injection molding machines for 3-5 years.

From the sales analysis of injection molding machines in previous years, it can be seen that 2021 is the time point for a large number of replacement purchases of injection molding machines. Therefore, it has entered the renewal demand period last year, which has become one of the reasons for the boom in the industry in 2022. And taking into account the rising demand for medical products under the influence of the epidemic, the market cycle demand growth point for injection molding machines may extend to 2025 or even a longer period of time thereafter. Chinese injection molding machine companies take the lead in occupying the market and will gain first-mover advantage in the future growth point of injection molding machine demand.

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Lisong Machinery, a Chinese injection molding machine company, has gradually increased its R&D investment in injection molding machines. The injection molding machines, two-platen machines, and electric motors with a central clamping structure have become Lisong’s star products. On this basis, Lisong has exerted its strong soft power advantages. The development of optical machines and fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material molding technology comparable to European technology breaks the market pattern, meets different market needs, and gradually moves closer to the level of Japan and Europe. Domestic substitution of imports is irreversible, and Chinese technology is moving towards internationalization.

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