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Which injection molding machine does the paint bucket manufacturer choose?

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Background technology of paint barrel injection molding production:
The main methods of plastic molding on the market include extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, etc. Because of the wide adaptability of shape, injection molding can produce products of different sizes, shapes, and quality, and meet various requirements of engineering parts, All kinds of daily necessities, medical equipment, packaging products, etc., are the main processes of thermoplastic molding. At present, in the injection molding production process of the paint bucket, the injection mold used is usually a movable mold and a fixed die set, and the surface spraying process is used to coat the cover film on the paint bucket product after one injection molding to increase the functionality And to improve the aesthetic effect, but such production technology is complicated, the production efficiency is low, and the quality is not easy to control.

At present, paint bucket manufacturers choose to use suitable injection molding machines to improve the drawbacks of paint bucket production, and find breakthroughs in the process, efficiency and quality of the drawbacks.

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Examples of paint bucket manufacturers:
A certain manufacturer specializing in the production of paint barrels in Taizhou has low production efficiency and low product quality qualification rate. The output cannot meet the orders, and the production line is in a deadlock. The boss made a decisive decision at the time of the crisis, starting from the root cause, abandoning the old-fashioned injection molding machine, and thinking about purchasing new equipment that meets the production standards of paint barrels. The company has successively conducted technical exchanges with a number of domestic first-line injection molding machine brands, and after repeated investigations and comparisons, it has chosen to cooperate with Aoxiang Plastic Machinery. At present, Aoxiang plastic machines are performing well, far exceeding the company’s expectations. Practice has shown that the central mold clamping structure of Aoxiang plastic machines is more suitable for the production of deep cavity products such as paint buckets. It saves materials, has no flash, and has a fast cycle. , High pass rate.
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LISONG injection molding machine helps paint bucket companies:
When understanding the pain points of many paint bucket manufacturers, LISONG injection molding machines are tailor-made according to the product characteristics and developed a special paint bucket machine to enhance the comprehensive strength of partners, effectively improve the production efficiency of their enterprises, and effectively solve the pain points of enterprises. Enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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