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Which is the best injection Moulding machine in china?

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There is no best brand of machinery. You can only choose the one that suits you according to your own needs. China's LISONG machinery sales are considered to be a relatively large injection molding machine manufacturer, and it is also more practical. It is a first-line brand, and a second-line brand such as Yizhi Mi, Bo Chuang, Lijin, Yilida, etc., third-tier brands such as Jiaming, Zhende, and others that are not ranked

If you want to buy a large injection molding machine in China, you can choose two-platen injection molding machine and three-platen injection molding machine according to your product requirements. If you want to buy a two-platen injection molding machine, the options available in China are nothing more than LISONG, Haitian, Lijin, Chen Hsong; if you want to buy a three-platen injection molding machine, buy Haitian if the budget is sufficient, and buy a brand that is less than if the budget is insufficient. But before buying a large machine, you must check clearly whether the equipment manufacturer has the processing capacity to process such a large equipment. What I said is that his own processing capacity is not the processing capacity of the outsourcing manufacturer. Because of the equipment of more than 2,000 tons, many factories cannot produce a few units a year, and cannot achieve mass production. They do not have the processing ability to find the outsourcing factory to process the template, large oil cylinder and other important parts. The quality cannot be guaranteed.

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If you want to buy a small injection molding machine, it depends on your factory's own positioning and the requirements of your products. If the product requirements are higher, you can buy a better machine. If the product requirements are lower, you can buy a better machine. If the budget is tight, it will drop one grade.

Remember: When buying a machine and choosing a machine, you must follow a realistic choice, budget, product requirements, after-sales service, payment methods, and financing conditions.

In addition: No matter what brand of injection molding machine you buy, you must clearly stipulate the brand origin of important parts in the contract, and be careful not to steal the beam and change the column. After all, the cost of the equipment is largely due to the price of the core parts of the equipment.

List of injection molding machine brands in other regions:
Taiwanese machine series: Huaqin, Huarong, Nanrong, full force, Zhongtai Jinji, prosperity, etc.
Japanese machine series: Sodick, Sumitomo, Nissei, Nikon, Kawaguchi, Niigata, Toshiba, Mitsubishi...
European and American series: KraussMaffei, Engel, Cincinnati, Albemarle, Demag, FANUC

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