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Why are horizontal injection molding machines so popular?features and advantages

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The structure of the horizontal injection molding machine is relatively complex, and it is very common in the mold manufacturing industry. This injection molding machine is equipped with a heat preservation cover, which can reduce the heat loss in the horizontal injection molding machine, effectively reduce the temperature of the working environment, and can also save the cost of air conditioning. Ensure that the working environment is in a comfortable state. The following editor will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of the horizontal injection molding machine and the insulation cover, and interested friends should not miss it!

What are the characteristics of the horizontal injection molding machine?
1. Horizontal injection molding machine is a type of injection molding machine with a wide range of applications and high cost performance. The injection device and mold device of this injection molding machine are manufactured using the principle of vertical design.
2. The dual-mold forming processing method makes it have the characteristics of space saving, small footprint, precise forming, high efficiency and reliability.
3. For mold manufacturers, saving production space is undoubtedly reducing input costs and greatly reducing the production burden. Therefore, horizontal injection molding machines have been favored and favored by users. In recent years, they have become the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises.
4. The horizontal injection molding machine is also equipped with a manipulator. During use, the upper and lower molds can work at the same time, and the work efficiency is improved.
5. During operation, the direction of the center of gravity of the horizontal injection molding machine is the same, and no mold tipping will occur, and safety is guaranteed.
6. More and more people choose to use horizontal injection molding machine for mold processing. Behind the development of science and technology and social economy, the automatic operation, production technology and product performance of horizontal injection molding machine have been greatly improved.

 horizontal injection molding machine
Advantages of installing an insulation cover:
1. It is helpful to reduce the heat loss in the injection molding machine and avoid heat convection.
2. The installation of thermal insulation sleeve can maintain the temperature of the injection molding machine to a certain extent and reduce the discomfort of the staff.
3. During the startup process of the injection molding machine, it is easy to have a fast heating speed and less production preparation time. The heat preservation cover can effectively alleviate this situation, reduce heat loss to a certain extent, and improve production efficiency.
4. In the production process of the mold, the insulation cover can increase its stability in use.

The content of this issue mainly focuses on the characteristics of horizontal injection molding machines and the advantages of installing insulation sleeves. I hope that the above description can help you understand the mold industry better. See you next time!

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