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Why are the five-axis manipulators of injection molding machines so popular?

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The arm part of the injection molding machine five-axis manipulator  can move freely in a geometric plane. The first two joints of the manipulator can rotate freely in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the third joint can move horizontally on the fourth joint. This unique design makes the manipulator very rigid, used to deliver materials or move parts, and can be placed in a designated place, so it is capable of high-speed and high-repetitive work.

There are many applications that prove that the five-axis linear manipulator is more capable than the standard three-axis linear manipulator and more cost-effective than the six-axis articulated manipulator.

Injection molding machine manipulator
The safety factor is high, the humanized safety system, and the main components of the machine activities are matched in yellow to ensure the safe use of the injection molding machine by the on-site operators. Five-axis manipulator: It is a fixed or mobile machine, and its structure is usually composed of one A series of interlinked or relatively sliding parts. The working mode is mainly through linear movement along the X, Y, and Z axes to reach the target position, so as to achieve the grasping or moving of the object, which can realize automatic control, repeatable programming, Multiple degrees of freedom (axis). The manipulator can be automatic or human-controlled. It is an electromechanical system that simulates the actions of human hands and arms. It is only an extension of human hands and arms. It has no autonomous ability. It is attached to the host device. It has simple actions and fixed operating procedures. Operating device with unchanged positioning point.

Compared with ordinary manipulators, the injection molding machine five-axis manipulator  has higher accuracy and faster response speed, which can further improve the efficiency of injection molding production, and will be favored by more and more manufacturers

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