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Why can't the injection mold be opened?

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The opening force of injection molding machine is far less than the clamping force, so the ultimate reason for the failure of opening is that the resistance of opening is greater than the opening force. In practice, only when the mold cannot be opened can the following situations be found:

1. the injection molding machine factory locking mechanical origin adjustment is improper. Too far ahead, causing the mechanism stuck, if often can not open the mold, to doubt this aspect, to find manufacturers to adjust.
2.the organization is still stuck. For old machines, this is not the first case. We should doubt this. Generally, the clamping force is adjusted too much, for example, it is adjusted to 1700kg and other bad habits, such as not opening the mold for a long time, system degeneration and other bad habits. In the final analysis, this problem is the problem of technician's tuning habits and parameters. The solution is very troublesome, to remove or loosen the cross bar on the fixed nut
3.the oil seal of the die locking cylinder is damaged and leaking, which causes the actual die opening pressure not to go up. For this reason, the pressure gauge is useless, so the cylinder should be removed for inspection.
4. mold opening solenoid valve spool movement is poor, or stuck, the spool is not in place. The solution is to remove the solenoid valve for inspection.
5. to see whether the parameter design is appropriate and whether the pressure is not big enough.
6.there may be a problem with the lubrication of the clamping system. Inspection and maintenance.

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In order to prevent failure to open the mold, the following preventive measures should be taken:
1. Correctly calculate the clamping force, the greater the better.
2. Don't keep the high-pressure mode locking state when the machine is shut down, remember.
3. In case of power failure in the mode locking state, it should be handled in time, and the crosshead nut should be loosened if it doesn't come for a long time.
4. Check the machine oil frequently, and do not block the solenoid valve with iron filings.
5. Check the lubrication of the clamping system to prevent the guide rod from pricking due to oil cut-off.
Injection molding machine mold can not be pulled open is a more annoying problem in production, not often out, but a time will take a long time to deal with.

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