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Why does the nylon cable tie mold need a special injection molding machine?

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Why does the nylon cable tie mold need a special injection molding machine? Let the LISONG technicians analyze and introduce for you!

 Let us study the product-cable tie, it is long and slim, how far from the injection point to the end? While the melt resin go through the cavities, it will build the against pressure while losing the temperature. So the machine need a big injection pressure, but all this injection pressure will impact the clamping platens, then the clamping unit request a big clamping force other the mold will be blowed to open.

injection molding machine
All most all the cable tie mold is long and slim as well, please image that between the moving platen and fix platen, there are one long and slim mold, then clamp under huge pressure, it is a big challenge for the clamping unit design.

Therefore, the reason for using a special machine to manufacture cable ties is because the machine is specially set up for running nylon cable ties, so tools, hot runners, barrels and screws will be set to run nylon 6 while the dryer will maintain nylon 6 run. To achieve the proper moisture content of nylon, it will need unloading equipment, and the statistical process controller will adjust for nylon cable ties.
Plastic nylon wire tie
It makes sense to set up an injection molding machine dedicated to cable ties. This is a way to improve efficiency through dedicated machinery.

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