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10 important misses in the daily maintenance of injection molding machines

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10 important misses in the daily maintenance of injection molding machines

1. Regularly check whether there are peculiar smells and noises in the distribution box, whether the components and wires are overheated, coking, falling off, or whether there are dust and foreign objects, etc.
2. Check whether each safety protection device operates reliably and is used normally.
3. Check whether the thermocouple and heating coil are working properly.
4. Check whether there is enough lubricating oil in each lubrication point, oil pipe and centralized lubrication box, and whether it can be lubricated normally, and whether there are breaks and blockages everywhere.

pet inejction machine
5. Check whether the screws in the mold inserts, cylinders, pressure plates, joints and other parts are loose or missing.
6. Check whether the electrical components such as AC contactors are operating normally, whether there is any peculiar smell, and whether there is vibration during work.
7. Thoroughly clean and organize workshop tools, material racks, mold area and all machines once a week.
8. Every quarter, check whether the power supply voltage is too low or too high. Whether the power cord is damaged, whether the grounding is intact, and whether the connectors are loose.
9. Check every year whether the seals, high and low pressure oil pipes, etc. are aging and worn, and deal with and replace them at any time.
10. Check every year whether the operation of the main motor, oil pump, and oil motor is abnormal.

The above is the 10 measures of daily maintenance of injection molding machine introduced by Lisong Machinery to customers of injection molding machine. I hope it can help everyone!

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