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12 Unforgivable High Speed Injection Machine Mistakes Everyone Makes

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Improper operation of high-speed injection molding machine is prone to danger, and every practitioner must be aware of it! Here, let us talk about the high-speed injection machine mistakes that everyone often makes.

1. The main dangerous area of ​​the injection molding machine The injection molding machine works quickly under strong, high-speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure conditions, and its injection mechanism is a high-pressure, high-speed, and local high-temperature machine.

 High-speed Injection Machine
What are the main dangerous areas of the injection molding machine?
Feeding area: Because of the screw rotation in this area, do not put iron rods or other foreign objects in;
Material pipe cover area: This area is the raw material heating area, the temperature is extremely high and there is a danger of electric shock;
Nozzle area: This area is where the raw materials are injected under high pressure, and there is a danger of splashing;
Mold area: This area is the high-speed and high-voltage switch action area of ​​the mold, which is quite dangerous. In addition, the raw materials may also be sprayed from the clamping surface of the mold, so special care must be taken;
Supporting area: It has powerful mechanical action, so be careful;
Clamping mechanism: With high-speed and powerful mechanical action, special care is required.

2. Main hazardous and harmful factors: Mechanical hazards; thermal damage factors; electrical damage factors; hazardous materials; environmental factors; human unsafe behavior factors.

The above are 2 high-speed injection machine mistakes that everyone often makes. If you want to know more about high-speed injection molding machine, please follow us or leave us a message online!

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