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15 failures and solutions of the clamping part of the high-speed injection molding machine

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High-speed injection molding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products using plastic molding dies. Divided into vertical, horizontal and all-electric. The injection molding machine can heat the plastic and apply high pressure to the molten plastic to make it shoot out and fill the mold cavity. This article first introduces the schematic diagram of the composition of the injection molding machine, its working principle, and the operation cycle process. Secondly, it explains the four common problems and solutions of the injection molding machine. Finally, it introduces how to maintain and maintain the injection molding machine. Follow the editor to understand the details. .

(1) Non-locking treatment method:
1) Check the travel switch in front of the safety door and repair it
2) Check the 24V5A power supply in the electric box, replace the fuse and the power box.
3) Check whether the spool is stuck, and clean the spool.
4) Check whether the I/O board has output and whether the solenoid valve is energized.
5) Check whether the hydraulic safety switch is pressed and whether the mechanical lock lever baffle is open.

(2) Handling method for twisting of mold opening and closing machine:
1) Check whether the lubricating oil pipe is disconnected. If so, the oil pipe must be connected from the beginning.
2) The amount of lubricating oil is small, and the amount of lubricating oil is increased. It is recommended that 50 molds be oiled once or manually add enough lubricating oil.
3) The clamping force is large, check whether the mold requires a large clamping force, and reduce the clamping force.
4) The current of the amplifying board is adjusted in disorder, check whether the current parameters are suitable for the inspection standard, and adjust the current value from the beginning.
5) The parallelism is out of tolerance, use a dial indicator to check whether the parallelism of the first two boards is greater than the acceptance standard; adjust the parallelism.

(3) Wait a few seconds before opening the mold processing method:
1) The starting speed is slow, check whether the screw damping is too large, and adjust the screw damping hole.
2) The center hole of the damping screw is too large, check whether the damping of the Y-hole screw is too large, and replace the damping screw with a thin center hole.

(4) Crawling processing method of unlocking mold:
1) The second-plate guide rail and the coring post are worn out, check the second-plate guide rail and the coring post, replace the second-plate copper sleeve, the coring post, and add lubricating oil.
2) Improper adjustment of mold opening and clamping speed and pressure. Set flow rate of 20 and pressure of 99. The second plate of mold clamping should not crawl. Adjust the flow proportional valve hole or pilot valve hole and adjust the linear current value of the proportional valve.
3) There is air in the pipes and cylinders, and exhaust.

(5) How to deal with the mold opening:
1) Supplement the opening and clamping speed, the pressure flow is too small and not adjusted properly, check the opening and clamping speed, whether the pressure is appropriate, add the opening and clamping pressure and speed.
2) The zero position of the mold-locking electronic ruler is changed, check whether the mold-locking straightening machine ends at the zero position after twisting, and adjust the zero position of the electronic ruler from the beginning.
3) Check whether the hinge is reversed.

(6) In automatic production, mold adjustment will become tighter or looser. Processing method:
1) Internal leakage of the mold adjustment solenoid valve, check whether the solenoid valve is "O" type, model 4WE6E or 0810092101, replace the solenoid valve or whether the solenoid valve has 24V power when it is not working.
2) Check whether there is any mold adjustment action during other actions manually, and check whether the valve is stuck.

(7) The processing method of automatic and slow opening of the mold for other actions after the mold is locked:
1) Leakage of the oil control plate, check or replace the express clamping valve, and replace the oil control plate.
2) If the mold opening valve leaks, start the oil pump and terminate the mold clamping. Press the injection platform or glue injection to see if the second plate moves back, and replace the mold opening oil valve. Normally, it does not move when opening and locking the mold.

High-speed Injection Machine
(8) Only the mold opening action is handled when the mold is locked:
1) Connect the wrong wire, check if there is 24VDC to the valve, check the wire and connect it.
2) If the valve is stuck or the wrong spool is installed, check whether the spool is installed incorrectly or blocked, install the spool from the beginning or clean it. Under normal circumstances, the mold opening and clamping action is immobile.

(9) Treatment method for poor mold clamping:
1) Improper adjustment of holes A and B. When the system flow rate is 20 and the pressure is 99, observe whether the clamping action is creeping, adjust from the beginning or change the valve.
2) There is air in the oil circuit, listen to whether there is air in the oil circuit, check whether there are bubbles in the oil, and it needs to be exhausted.
3) Improper adjustment of the ramp-up and ramp-down of the amplifier board, observe whether the current value of the ammeter is proportional to the rise and fall changes or with the speed, adjust the amplifier board.

(10) Mold clamping can't afford high pressure, and it exceeds the stroke processing method:
1) The limit switch exceeds the limit, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, adjust the appropriate mold thickness; check whether the motor is in a normal state.
2) If the hydraulic limit exceeds the stroke, whether the stroke position of the electronic ruler is appropriate, check whether the mold adjustment is appropriate, and adjust the mold forward appropriately.

(11) The processing method of manual termination with mold opening and semi-automatic termination without mold opening:
1) If the mold opening valve leaks, move the injection table manually, observe whether the second plate moves backward, and replace the mold opening valve.
2) Check the maximum stroke and pressure flow of the electronic ruler.

(12) Processing method without thimble movement:
1) The thimble limit switch is broken. Use a multimeter to check whether the 24V proximity switch is lit. Replace the thimble limit switch.
2) For the stuck valve, use a hexagonal key to press whether the valve core of the thimble can be moved, and clean the pressure valve
3) The thimble limit rod is broken. After stopping the machine, take out the limit rod by hand and replace the limit rod.
4) The thimble switch is short-circuited, check the 0 voltage of the thimble switch to ground with a multimeter, and replace the thimble switch.
5) Improper setting of the electronic ruler position.

(13) Treatment method for thimble out of control when semi-automatic:
1) The thimble board is broken, check whether the circuit is normal and the normal voltage is DV24V. Repair the thimble board.
2) The wire is broken, check the connection wire of the switch and the connection wire on the I/O board comprehensively. Check the wiring and reconnect the wiring.
3) Check whether the mold is moving.
4) Whether the sealing ring of the piston rod of the oil cylinder is damaged.

(14) How to deal with loud sound when opening the mold:
1) Poor proportional linearity, poor adjustment of pressure and flow at the time of mold opening and closing, check the ramp up and ramp down in the parameters, and ramp up and ramp down in the adjustment parameters.
2) The lubrication of the hinge of the clamping machine is not good. Check the lubrication of the elbow column, the second plate and the hinge of the machine, increase the lubrication, and add the number of oil pumping.
3) The clamping force of the mold is too large. Check the clamping force when the mold is stressed, and reduce the clamping force according to the user's product situation. Check whether the time position is appropriate.
4) The deviation of the parallelism of the head and two plates, check the parallelism of the head and two plates. Adjust the second board and the parallel error of the head board.
5) The setting position of slow turning and fast mold opening is too small and the speed is too fast. Check whether the position of slow mold opening to fast mold opening is appropriate, and whether the slow mold opening speed is too fast. Lengthen the slow mold opening position and reduce the slow mold opening speed.

(15) Semi-automatic processing method with 2 clamping actions:
1) The mold-locking spool is not completely reset. Check whether the next action is too continuous after the mold-locking action is realized.
2) Add the delay time of the next action.

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