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Are you still asking how much a plastic net injection molding machine is?

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Disc horizontal injection molding machine, the device has two sets of injection systems, each rotation angle of the lower mold, such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc., can automate the in-mold labeling process. It is not only used for two-color injection molding, but also can be used as a double-station operation of a standard injection molding machine. This device greatly expands the functions of the machine. So how much is this plastic mesh injection molding machine?

First, let’s take a look at some of the features of high-speed and high-pressure injection after this machine is installed with a servo: high plastic viscosity, fast cooling speed, long process parts can be used at low pressure and slow speed, not completely filling the different corners of the cavity; when melting materials When the thickness reaches a thin wall, it is easy to condense and remain. A high-speed jet must be used to dissipate the energy of the molten material before entering the cavity. Glass fiber reinforced plastics, or plastics that must be injected at high speed and high pressure, can be used containing relatively large amounts of fillers because of poor fluidity in order to obtain smooth and uniform surface parts. The servo-mounted disc machine can produce plastic net products, and the price of a plastic net injection molding machine depends mainly on the size of the machine, and the price is different for different tonnages.

horizontal injection molding machine
As an indispensable and important branch in the field of plastic machinery, the horizontal injection molding machine has formed its unique production technology advantages. It has excellent performance in the specific use environment of many enterprises, and is used in various fields such as automation and customization. Also has a very good performance. It also exerts new application advantages in the development of more and more fields, and believes that it can bring more innovative technologies to Chinese manufacturing companies in the future. If you want to know more about how much a plastic net injection molding machine is, you can consult the technicians of Lisong Machinery or leave a message to us!

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