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Brief description of the main manifestation of energy saving of injection molding machine

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Compared with general plastic processing equipment, the reason why injection molding machines can be increasingly popularized and applied is inseparable from the powerful energy-saving advantages they possess. So, what are the main aspects of the energy saving of injection molding machine equipment? In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of this, the professional injection molding machine manufacturer, Tongjia Heavy Industry, will give you a detailed explanation of the main manifestations of the excellent energy saving of the injection molding machine. I hope that it will be useful for everyone in the future. help.

Electric heating coils are indispensable equipment for the barrel heating part of the injection molding machine. Since the injection molding electromechanical heating system accounts for about 15% to 30% of the energy consumption of the whole machine, if different types of electric heating coils can be selected reasonably, energy consumption can be reduced. , Thereby reducing production costs. At present, there are three types of electric heating coils popular in the market: resistance electric heating coils, electromagnetic heating coils and nano-infrared electric heating coils.

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Resistive heating coils need to overcome the resistance of the conductor to convert electrical energy into heat, and transfer it through contact conduction, resulting in a large amount of heat being lost to the air, low thermal efficiency, and high ambient temperature.

The electromagnetic heating is generated by the LC parallel resonance, and the magnetic line of force is cut through the barrel, and the eddy current is generated to melt the plastic by heat. Electromagnetic heating technology uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to make the metal barrel heat itself, and according to the specific conditions, a certain thickness of thermal insulation material can be wrapped outside the barrel, which greatly reduces heat loss and improves thermal efficiency, thus saving electricity. Very significant.

Nano-infrared heating coil is generally composed of nano-electric heating layer, heat insulation layer, shell, anti-radiation coating and other parts. After being connected to AC power, the heating coil itself becomes a far-infrared radiation heat source, and the heat conversion rate is above 98%. In addition, the unique one-way heating design can firmly lock the heat, prevent it from being dissipated into the air, and significantly reduce the temperature of the working environment. Since the resistance heating coil and the infrared heating coil are both direct heating heating coils, they do not generate harmonics and have no adverse effects on the power grid.

It can be seen that energy saving rate is not the only reference standard for the comprehensive energy efficiency of electric heating coils, and safety is an important factor that cannot be ignored when injection molding machine companies make purchase decisions. On the basis of the electric heating energy saving transformation, combined with the current advanced servo control technology, the performance of the injection molding machine will get a big leap in the practical sense.

The above is just a brief description of the energy-saving performance of the important component of the injection molding electromechanical heating coil. Of course, the energy-saving performance of the equipment is not limited to this. If you want to know more about this product, or if you need to purchase energy-saving and environmentally friendly injection molding machine equipment, you can directly call the sales hotline of Tongjia Heavy Industry, a professional injection molding machine manufacturer, and we will be very happy to serve you .

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