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Can I build a homemade injection molding machine ?

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Injection molding machine is a molding equipment that uses plastic molding molds to make thermoplastic or thermoset plastics into various shapes of plastic products. So is the injection molding machine complicated?

1. About injection molding machine technology:
An injection molding machine usually includes a movable mold and a static mold that are relatively set. When the product is produced by injection molding, the movable mold and the static mold are required to be closed, and then the molten injection plastic is injected into the mold cavity enclosed by the movable mold and the static mold. After the injection plastic is cured, a plastic product is formed. When clamping the movable mold and the static mold, the mold monitor needs to be used to monitor and protect the mold. In this process, a light source needs to be installed on the operating side of the injection molding machine. The light from the light source shines on the clamping surface of the movable mold and the static mold, and The monitor's camera captures the pictures of the moving and static molds, and the monitor adjusts the parameters according to the captured pictures to ensure the accuracy of the clamping position and pressure.

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2. Process flow of injection molding machine:
The entire injection molding process is divided into eight steps, including: mold closing, mold locking, cavity filling, plastic part holding pressure, mold cooling, mold separation, product demolding, and injection delay.
When operating, first close the mold with the clamping system of the injection molding machine. The clamping system of the injection molding machine acts on the mold with the required clamping force, so that the high-pressure plastic will not expand the mold during the cavity filling process. Then use the screw of the injection molding machine to push the molten plastic into the mold cavity. When the plastic basically fills the cavity, the screw maintains a certain set pressure, so that the product in the cavity is more saturated and the size is more stable. The mold takes away the heat of the plastic in the cooling cycle of the cooling water, so that the product is cooled and formed in the mold. When the cooling time is reached, the mold clamping system opens the mold, and the product is automatically demolded under the action of the demolding system, and the mold remains In the separated state, the product will fall off automatically or be taken away by man-made or mechanical devices.

3. Is the injection molding machine complicated? Can I build a homemade injection molding machine?
Through the above introduction to the working technology of the injection molding machine, it can be found that the structure of the injection molding machine is not complicated, but the production is still relatively complicated. It requires a complete industrial chain to cooperate with each other. It is still more difficult for individuals to make the injection molding machine.

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