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Can the injection molding machine perform injection during compression?

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During the filling/packing stage of injection molding machine, the clamp can be opened slightly. This also helps reduce molding stress. Most press manufacturers that can precisely control the movement of the fixture can add this option to the charging control.

Any standard injection molding machine can capable of doing this ,we can do a multi-stage platen closing, i.e. close to first position , inject full volume of material, close platen to final position. Most new machines with good controllers are capable of this. What's more important is the injection mold design. You have to use a shear edge tool, and injection locations should either be a center top gate, or multiple hot drops away from the edges. Eliminate free-standing cores if possible too. This process really only works well for large thin parts that do not have a lot of projections from the nominal wall.

Injection Molding Machine
The compression movement can be accomplished by the injection molding machine itself or an independent mechanism linked to a traditional injection molding machine. The mechanism is usually hydraulically designed. It pushes the template or necessary core to compress the previously filled melt, and then makes the finished product. In order to complete a processing cycle, the mechanism is usually integrated/programmed with the injection molding machine so that the actuation/end timing signal of its compression movement can be sent from/to the injection molding machine.

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