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Do you know the origin of the lunch box injection molding machine?

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High-speed injection molding machine is abbreviated as high-speed machine, and it is usually called lunch box injection molding machine. The lunch boxes produced by high-speed machines have the following characteristics:

1. Safe food grade plastic. The product is made of PP food grade plastic. This material has a high melting point, generally above 120°C. It can be heated in a microwave oven without melting. Therefore, it is used within 100°C of meals without any safety issues. Manufacturers of tableware must use good injection molding machines and pass strict production certifications before they can be approved by the state to ensure hygiene.

2. Low production cost. In the early days, the low production efficiency of ordinary injection molding machines resulted in higher prices for plastic lunch boxes to enter the market, and the catering industry was unwilling to use them. In order to solve this problem, some well-known injection molding machine manufacturers in the world, such as Haitian and Li Song, have introduced high-speed machines, which greatly improves efficiency, makes the production cycle of a single product within 5S, and reduces the production cost of lunch boxes. Since then, the high-speed machine has become the star of the lunch box industry, and is jokingly called the lunch box injection molding machine by many people in the industry.

lunch box injection molding machine
3. Recyclable. As early as January 1, 2001, in order to prevent white pollution from becoming more serious, the Chinese government explicitly banned the production, sale and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware. The polypropylene material can be recycled twice and used to produce products with lower levels of use, which completely solves the environmental protection problem of lunch boxes.

Li Song Machinery is one of the world's leading high-speed machinery manufacturers, with advanced modern processing equipment and mature injection molding machine manufacturing technology. Among them, the L series thin-wall injection molding machine improves the production efficiency of disposable lunch boxes, and the production cycle is less than 5 seconds.

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