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Four factors to consider when buying an injection molding machine

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The injection molding machine has become a common plastic processing equipment in the industry. Since this equipment, it has become a lot easier to perform plastic injection molding work. Therefore, the use of injection molding machines is still very extensive. When purchasing an injection molding machine, there are still many things to consider. Let's take a look at those elements that need to be understood when purchasing this equipment.

Working principle of injection molding machine

Four factors to consider when choosing an injection molding machine:
1. First of all, the capacity modulus, namely the length * width * height of the mold, select the specific specifications suitable for the factory product mold, and slightly larger than the mold, this is the effective spacing in the Corinthian column.
Second, the injection quality, in (oz) as the unit, is generally calculated by the plastic material PS, because the density ratio of PS is 1.05 grams of the vertical centimeter, which is a traditional calculation unit. Different plastic structures have different density ratios, so that the injection molding machine with a more effective injection volume of no more than 80% and no less than 20% of the product without nozzle is suitable for the model.
3. According to the accuracy of the product, the accuracy of plastic products is directly related to the selection and configuration requirements of the injection molding machine. For example, alloy screws and tubes must be used for engineering plastics, and the ratio of the length to the diameter of the screw is greater than 20 times. In order to achieve good plasticization standards and requirements, according to the accuracy requirements of the product, you can choose a specific pressure + specific current or semi-closed loop or full closed loop oil circuit control.
4. Clamping force is an important part of the injection molding surface. Clamping force is represented by (T). According to the length * width of the plastic product, select the clamping force/ton of internal resistance of different plastics, and calculate the customer’s requirements based on the clamping force. What size injection molding machine the product should be suitable for.
injection machine
The injection molding machine uses the thermal and physical properties of plastics to add the material in the hopper to the charging barrel, heat the material out of the barrel with a heating ring, and melt the material. Under the action of the external power motor in the material barrel, the screw Under the action, the rotating screw is driven to feed and compact along the spiral groove. Under the dual action of external heating and screw shear, the material is gradually plasticized, melted and homogenized. [For details, please refer to the relevant content of "[Dry goods full] Common fault emergency handling techniques of injection molding machine"]

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