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How Did High Speed Injection Machines Become the Best?

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Lisong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine. Due to its superior quality and advanced technology, it is currently at the top of the Chinese injection molding machine market and has become a leader in the injection molding machine industry. Among the many types of injection molding machines produced, the high-speed injection molding machine is the most proud masterpiece of Lisong. The powerful 5H performance meets the needs of our customers to the greatest extent. What is a 5H high-speed machine? Here are you one by one.

1H-High Speed: Accumulator-assisted high-speed injection: High-precision single-cylinder injection system, suitable for high-speed injection, no injection synchronization problems, with accumulator injection, the maximum injection speed range is 300-450mm/sec. The injection acceleration/deceleration is 30ms.

2H-High efficiency: Newly optimized design of the crank, fast and stable crank movements. The standard configuration opens and releases the mold, which greatly saves the molding time. The movable template adopts a roller type support system to improve the efficiency of mold opening and closing. Large length-to-diameter ratio, double-thread multi-mixing tube group, can melt the plastic sufficiently and quickly.

High-speed Injection Machine
3H-high safety: triple protection of machinery, hydraulics and electrical appliances. The safety module independently controls the closing of the mold, and the injection, feeding, and seating will not produce a malfunction surface and cause human injury. Hidden mechanical safety mechanism and fully enclosed group sheet metal, high safety.

4H-High precision: The electronic control part adopts the European advanced KEBA1000/2000 computer controller, and the position and temperature control are accurate. The oil circuit block is directly installed on the actuator, the control setting is more accurate, and the response is faster. The double injection-moving balance cylinder ensures that the injection platform is evenly stressed. The injection platform adopts a linear slide rail design to ensure that the material pipe does not sag. The template of the high rigidity clamping mechanism has low deformation. The use of double-threaded multi-mixing pipes ensures uniform mixing of plastics.

5H-High energy saving: The injection part is equipped with a high-response servo system, which provides the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow according to the needs of the action, without overflow loss. Optional servo motor feeding to save energy consumption. The movable template adopts a roller support system to reduce the energy consumption of mold opening and closing.

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