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How do I choose an injection molding machine?

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Generally speaking, most of the customers who have been engaged in the injection molding industry for many years have the ability to make their own judgments and choose suitable injection molding machines for production. However, in some cases, the customer may need the assistance of the manufacturer to decide which injection molding machine to use, or even the customer may only have the product sample or idea, and then ask the manufacturer whether the machine can be produced, or which model is compared Suitable for.

Common injection molding machine manufacturers are: LISONG, Husky, Toshiba, Nissei, Mitsubishi, Engel, Van Dorn, Demaag, Cincinnati, HPM, UBE , Nigata, Sandretto, Reed, Arburg, and Boy.  There are also others, but these listed cover of the most common injection molding machine manufacturers.  LISONG machinery supply the standard horizontal hydraulic or toggle clamp injection molding machines, and may also supply co-injection, multi shot, and the more recently desired all electric injection molding machines.

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What type of machine is best for me?  
This depends entirely on what you are planning to do with it.  First you need to decide what your Niche market is going to be.  You then should research what types of products these markets will require and what types of injection molding processes will be required to create them.  You can do this yourself or have it done by a consulting or research service.  Based on what the research tells you, you will then need to decide what type of machine you will need to perform those services for your customers.  For example, if you decided to get into the Niche market of automobile lenses, you will likely need a machine capable of multi shot or co-injection molding.  If you are going to produce simple one shot type molding products, or products that do not require any special needs, you will be looking for standard toggle or hydraulic clamp machines.  If your market will require some type of insert molding, you could be looking for vertical shuttle presses.

Do I need to choose to buy a second-hand injection molding machine?
If your business is cutting edge, or maybe on the larger size, keeping up with your competition becomes more of an issue.  In this case, purchasing new equipment is probably the most common way to go.  This will keep you competitive with your competition and also maintain the average age of your machines to something more desirable.  Again this just depends on your niche and business requirements.  Many businesses try to maintain around a 10 year average machine age to remain competitive in their fields.

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