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How do you maintain an injection molding machine?

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In addition to the excellent quality of the machine itself, the service life of the injection molding machine is most important in how the user uses and maintains it correctly.

How do you maintain an injection molding machine?-It's important to do four things well.
1. Maintenance of the electrical system of the injection molding machine
a. When checking the high-voltage components inside the machine, the main power supply should not be turned on unless necessary.
b. When changing the mold, it is impossible to let the cooling water flow into the control box.
c. Check whether the temperature in the control box is too high, which affects the normal operation of the electronic board.
d. When changing relays, use designated voltage relays.

 injection molding machine
2. Maintenance of hydraulic system
a. The pressure temperature of the injection molding machine should be maintained between 30-50 degrees Celsius. If the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, the following problems will occur: The pressure oil is deteriorated due to oxidation.
b. The viscosity of the pressure oil decreases, which causes damage to the oil pump, oil leakage and pressure drop, as well as the working efficiency of the decompression oil switch.
Speed ​​up the aging speed of oil seal.
c. Prevent the cooling water from leaking into the oil tank, and pay special attention to check whether there is water leakage inside the oil cooler. Remove the oil cooler to clean the inside every 6 months or so.
d. The pressure oil must be changed every 3000-4000 hours of operation of the injection molding machine. When changing the pressure oil, do not mix the new and the old oil, and at the same time, the oil screen in the cylinder should be twisted to clean.
3. Maintenance of the clamping part
a. The machine hinge of the clamping part has a long working life, but each movable part should be properly lubricated, otherwise the machine hinge will wear out and shorten the life.
b. Keep the four pillars clean.
c. Keep the sliding feet and sliding rails of the mobile template clean and lubricated.
d. Avoid using close to or exceeding the working pressure for clamping.
e. When adjusting the mold, the express clamping speed is not available.
f. Control the position of the clamping movement stroke to the most appropriate position to reduce the impact to the machine during clamping.
4. Maintenance of the injection part
a. Keep the guide rod of the shooting platform lubricated and clean.
b. Keep the surface of the shooting table clean and dry.
c. Except plastics, paints and additives, do not put anything into the hopper. If you use the recycle, you must add a hopper magnetic stand in the hopper to prevent metal fragments from entering the melt barrel.
d. When the glue cylinder has not reached the preset temperature, do not start the glue motor, nor use the reverse cable (relaxation) action to avoid damage to the rotating system components.
e. Before using special plastics, you should consult the plastics manufacturer as to which plastic injection screw is more suitable for this type of plastic.
f. Use the correct method of replacing the plastic and cleaning the glue cylinder provided by the plastics manufacturer.
g. Periodically check each part of the injection platform, tighten the loose parts, and ensure that the two injection cylinders are installed in balance to avoid damage to the oil seal of the injection cylinder, causing oil leakage and wear of the cylinder pump core.

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