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How do you use injection molding machine?

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How do you use injection molding machine? Do the following 14 points is enough!
1. Carefully check the power supply, control system, and cooling system of the injection molding machine before starting the machine to see if it is normal, add lubricating oil as required, press the (rotary) button to see if it is in the correct position, and start as required for trial operation.
2. Correctly install the mold on the injection molding machine.
3. When the raw materials need to be dried, they should be dried in an oven as required.
Fourth, check whether the color of raw materials meets product requirements.
5. Set the mold adjustment parameters, and set various parameters such as opening, closing and ejecting according to the specific conditions of the mold, until the mold runs normally, smoothly and safely.
6. Set the temperature of each section of the barrel to preheat the machine tool.
7. When the material temperature and mold temperature reach the predetermined parameters (requirements), discharge, pre-inject, and observe the material flow until it is smooth and uniform in color.
8. Set parameters such as feeding amount, injection speed, holding pressure switching point, etc. When feeding, carefully check whether there are impurities and sundries in the barrel. It is strictly forbidden for hard objects and metal objects to enter the barrel.
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9. Pay attention to temperature and pressure changes during operation. If abnormal conditions are found, stop the machine, turn off the power and let the mechanic repair it, and use it after recovery.
10. In the self-inspection, if there is any doubt or if there is a difference between the product and the sample, the production should be stopped and the inspector or the monitor should be reported in time. 11. Injection molding workers should collect samples every 1 hour, and place them beside the same batch of products with corresponding marks.
12. Wipe and lubricate the mold at least twice during each shift to ensure that the inside and outside of the mold are clean and the lubrication is normal. After the operation, the remaining material in the barrel should be cleaned up, the operation site should be cleaned, and the injection molding machine should be shut down as required.
13. Check the temperature of the oven frequently and avoid high-temperature baking. Pay attention to safety during the operation and do not remove the safety device at will.
14. The power supply and machine switch should be cut off after the work, and the machine maintenance and sanitation should be done well.

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