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Injection molding machine operator:how hard is it to operate a plastic injection molding machine?

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I start a new job tomorrow at a plastic injection molding manufacturer, and they produce football helmets, pieces for vacuums, etc. I have never operated a plastic injection molding machine before, and I was wondering if anyone knew, or had past or present experience, on how difficult/easy it is to operate and what I'm looking to get myself into tomorrow.

Operation rules of injection molding machine:
I. homework preparation:
I. 1. Check whether the raw material supply of the feeding system is normal
I. 2. Prepare process documents and record forms required by injection molding
I. 3. Check whether the manipulator and transmission belt can operate normally
I. 4. The foreman shall arrange the operators of the machine and give proper guidance
I. 5. Operators shall prepare the containers and packing materials needed for the products
I. 6. The operator shall clean the transmission belt of the manipulator and his/her own working tableIi.

injection molding machine
2.Safety requirements:
2.1. Wear labor protection articles according to regulations before starting work
2.2. Untidy clothes and wearing slippers are not allowed in the production workshop
2.3. Observe safe operation rules of injection molding workshop
2.4. New employees shall receive "6 prevention" safety training in the injection molding workshop within one week after entering the company
2..5.mental state is not good or drunk is not allowed to work

3.boot steps:
3.1. The technician starts the injection molding machine, sets the temperature according to the process parameters, and heats the machine for 30 minutes
3.2. Set up molds according to the production schedule
3.3. Adjust the position of the mold opening and the position of the manipulator, and the positioning position of the manipulator shall be kept 5-10 cm from the mold opening position
3.4.adjust the manipulator fixture position and product material rod position corresponding
3.5. check the injection molding machine, manipulator parts loose before starting production

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