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How much is the price of injection molding machine in Pakistan?

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LISONG injection molding machines are currently sold in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and other countries. One of the most frequently asked questions from Pakistani customers is how much is an injection molding machine? And in this Internet era, product prices are already very transparent. But in fact, consumers must first know what kind of machine they need before asking the price. The injection molding machine you purchase needs to be used to produce what product, what materials need to be used, whether the product line will be greatly changed in the future, what level of product precision needs to be achieved, etc. These all directly affect the injection molding machine The price factor.

What are the factors related to the price of injection molding machine, and what factors are affected by it?

1. Determine the required clamping force
Check component height, wall thickness, material, core and projection surface to determine the required clamping force.

2. Selection of injection unit of injection molding machine
Decide that a certain unit has sufficient volume to accept the injected injection volume. The general choice is that the required injection is between 10% and 80% of the total volume.

3. Cycle time of injection molding machine
According to the wall thickness, flow, gate thickness, ribs and flanges, determine the approximate filling, packing and cooling time, according to the height of the part (clamping stroke), core, spool valve action and the discharge of any necessary parts, determine the approximate Clamping traverse time and part discharge, which will help determine the operating specifications of the injection molding machine required.

Injection Molding Machine
4. Hourly output weight of injection molding machine
Verify that the selected unit can produce the required output. The output is calculated in pounds per hour. If the selected unit is unable to meet the required output, increase the length to diameter ratio, and then review again. If increasing the length to diameter ratio does not work, the size of the injection unit and the diameter of the screw implant can be increased, and the results will be verified again later.

5. Extraction rate of injection molding machine
Use the standard extruder motor of the selected clamping pump set and injection unit to determine the minimum value of screw refill or extraction and screw filling time.

6. Mold clamping speed and dry cycle pickup of injection molding machine
Whether the fixed-machine clamping performance is sufficient to achieve the required working performance. If greater work performance is necessary, determine whether the faster traverse speed is suitable and/or applicable, check the option of increasing the clamping speed and make a pick-up decision.

Regarding the price of injection molding machines in Pakistan, LISONG Machinery will share it with you, hoping to help more Pakistan customers choose. For more questions about the price of injection molding machines, please leave us a message online!

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