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How to adjust the clamping force of PET injection molding machine?

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Horizontal PET injection molding machine is one of the common equipment among injection molding machines. In practical applications, it is mainly widely used in the plastic products industry. However, when the PET injection molding machine is in use, it will encounter the problem of adjusting the clamping force. This is not only related to the normal production of the machine and whether the produced product meets the requirements, but more importantly, the correct adjustment of the mechanical clamping force can extend The service life of the machine.

PET Injection Molding Machine
So, how to adjust the clamping force of the horizontal PET injection molding machine? Here is a specific analysis:
1. Turn on the switch of the mold adjustment device, adjust the thickness of the mold until the two sides of the mold begin to be fixed, and then turn off the switch of the mold adjustment device.
2. Manually operate the mold opening. When the mold opening is finished, start the mold adjustment device to reduce the mold thickness to produce the clamping force, disconnect the mold adjustment device, and slow the mold clamping operation. The reduction of the mold thickness and the clamping force generated However, if the mold thickness is reduced too much, the mold cannot be clamped. Therefore, the mold thickness should be reduced in a gradual manner.
3. Repeat the adjustment operation of 2 above until the machine strand and the guide post produce sufficient clamping force. Do not adjust the clamping force too high, as long as it can ensure that the injection molded parts or products do not produce flash during injection molding. Can guarantee the service life of the machine.
4. When adjusting the clamping force operation, the express clamping cannot be used.
5. At the moment when the "low pressure mold locking end stroke switch is released", the mold locking stroke end stroke switch is pressed and closed, the pressure gauge will indicate the working pressure value of the mold locking cylinder during the mold locking action, and the display time is very short. The reason why express mode locking cannot be used.
6. The displayed working pressure is generally lower than the real pressure in the clamping cylinder, so do not use the highest rated working pressure for a long-term clamping operation to extend the service life of the machine. Generally, 80%-85% of the highest rated pressure is suitable for the displayed working pressure. For example, the maximum pressure of 145kgf/cm2 is selected to be 120kgf/cm2.
7. Adjustment of low-pressure clamping force In order to maintain the sensitivity of low-pressure clamping, when adjusting the low-pressure clamping force, it should be set from the low-pressure clamping numerical control value 00, so that the low-pressure clamping force is slightly higher than that encountered during clamping. At the same time, it can achieve high-pressure mold clamping action.
8. You can choose normal or express mold clamping operation, and you need to re-adjust the relevant stroke switch to use it to make the mold opening and clamping operations go smoothly.

The above is the specific information shared by LISONG Machinery on how to adjust the clamping force of the horizontal PET injection molding machine. Through this understanding, friends can solve this problem well. If there is anything you don’t understand, please call the company for consultation.

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