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How to avoid empty mold of injection molding machine

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The injection molding machine can produce almost all the plastic products that we use daily. The principle is similar to that of the injection machine, but in fact, even professional operators will encounter some shortcomings that cause the machine to not work normally. Empty molds are a common shortcoming. Assuming that an empty mold appears during the injection process, the mold is simply damaged.

How to avoid empty mold of injection molding machine?
1. Check the electronic ruler and solenoid valve. Check whether the plug of the electronic ruler is properly connected, whether the screw of the electronic ruler is dropped, and whether the position of the electronic ruler is correct. Check whether the machine is still defective after the electronic ruler is operated correctly, check whether the plug of the open solenoid valve is correctly connected, and whether the solenoid valve is stuck or damaged.

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2. Check the injection parameters. Check whether the gate is blocked. It may be that the mold opening time is too long, the screw is severely worn, and the gate temperature is low, causing the gate to block. Then, when the parameters are set, increase the injection port temperature, and check the injection pressure and injection speed to confirm whether the parameters are correct.
3. Low-pressure mold clamping equipment has an ambitious variable speed process to ensure the safe operation of molds in terms of setting injection molding machine parameters, mold opening and mold locking strokes, and mold low pressure protection. First, set the low-pressure protection pressure to 0, set the injection molding machine to low-pressure manual, and repeat the closing position of the mold low-pressure demand setting, add 1% at a time at the minimum low pressure, until the low-pressure mold determines that the high pressure stops, the pressure at this time Is the required low pressure protection pressure.

The above is the introduction of LISONG on the empty mold of the injection molding machine. If you want to know more about the injection molding machine, please leave a message online!

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