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How to change injection molding machine plastic and color?

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How to change injection molding machine plastic and color,What is the operating procedure for changing injection molding machine plastic and color?

1. Plastic characteristics and precautions for injection molding machine:
The characteristics of various plastic raw materials are different. Taking the characteristics of this rubber into account during shutdown can save time and avoid plastic deterioration.

2. Change the color of the same material
When changing colors on the same material, it is easier to change from a light color to a dark material, or from a transparent material to an opaque material. When changing from density to density, from opaque to transparent material, after more than 10 projects, when the color is still not pure, remove the inlet and clean the cylinder head of the barrel.

injection machine
3. Replace dissimilar materials
Thermoplastics stick to the metal surface of the injection molding machine when the temperature is high. If the temperature is low, it will not stick. The replacement function takes advantage of this feature. The replacement material sticks to the inner wall of the barrel, and the replacement is cut with the high viscosity material of the cooling screw. Dissimilar materials.

4. Replace plastic and color at the same time
In this case, plastics with similar characteristics should be selected and cleaning agents should be used at the same time. Common cleaning agents are screw cleaning agent, kerosene and so on. In this case, if the barrel is not cleaned, it is necessary to clean the inlet, barrel cylinder head, and if necessary, remove the screw for cleaning.

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